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We help our customers deliver exciting products and more exciting business results. Cinram has more than 40 years of experience providing more effective, efficient and profitable manufacturing, packaging, distribution and demand planning solutions for home entertainment providers and retailers.



Our experts in digital media, optical disc manufacturing and replication, packaging, distribution and business intelligence have the experience and the resources to help you develop engaging content and design the global supply chain that will work harder for your business. We provide creative, custom and standard solutions for:

  • Digital Media Solutions
    • Enhanced user experiences for movies, TV shows, music, books and games
    • Innovative interactive features for any format: digital downloads, mobile and tablet application, advanced Blu-ray, stereoscopic 3D and social media.
    • FILM / VIDEO PRODUCTION: behind-the-scenes, documentary, Live performance
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  • Manufacturing and Replication Solutions
    • The right formats for your content: Blu-ray, DVDs, CDs, 3D, digital
    • State-of-the-art authoring
    • Scalable, international manufacturing capacity
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  • Packaging Solutions 
    • Efficient and effective package design, printing, assembly and kitting
    • Manual or automated assembly to handle simple to complex needs
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  • Distribution and Logistics Solutions 
    • Lowest cost and fast distribution and fulfillment
    • Flexible, custom delivery to distribution centers, stores or consumers
    • Freight management
    • Returns and reverse logistics
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  • Business Solutions 
    • Vision, the most powerful Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) software for home entertainment
    • Accurate store level and warehouse level planning and forecasting tools
    • Easy Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) compliance for all retail formats
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  • Telecommunications Solutions
    • Low cost and accurate assembly of handset components, programming, repair, packaging, distribution and inventory management 
    • Cutting edge and custom technology 
    • Worry-free distribution to carriers, retailers or direct to consumer 
    • Trouble-free returns management 
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